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Podcasting and slidecasting are fast and inexpensive ways to connect with prospects and customers. That’s why thousands of businesses are using them, including nearly every major technology company.

If you want to create professional podcasts/slidecasts for your business without having to become a radio producer, then PodcastNOW! from Paul Gillin Communications is for you.

PodcastNOW! takes all the mystery out of podcasting. You don’t have to worry about equipment or software. You don’t need to become an audio engineer. And you don’t have to learn about ID3 tags, feed syndication or Podsafe licensing. Paul Gillin Communications takes care of all that so you can focus on content.

We’ve produced more than 200 commercial podcasts. Click here for a sampler of podcasts. Click here to download a recent slidecast or view a sample on our website here. We can do everything from basic recording and sound engineering to show design and script development. When you’re ready, you and your guests just get on the phone and talk. We deliver a finished podcast in less than 72 hours.

Listen to a sampling of our podcasts

The PGC difference

Anyone with a digital audio recorder can create a podcast, but there’s a big difference between making a recording and delivering a quality audio experience. Human speech is littered with pauses, stammers and verbal flubs. We don’t notice them in everyday conversation, but they are obvious in a podcast.

Our PGC Audio Magic editing expertise eliminates nearly all of these annoyances. We can even speed up your speaking pace by 15% with no noticeable difference in tone or pitch. You’ll be amazed at the results. For an example of what our audio engineering capabilities can do, click on the before and after samples below.

Before PGC Audio Magic

The same clip after PGC Audio Magic

We also normalize sound levels, add optional musical intros and outros, tag your podcast for optimal search engine performance and upload to a server for your approval. We’ll even register you on iTunes!

All with our satisfaction guarantee. You’ll be happy with the final podcast or your money back.

Slidecasts are an exciting new option that combines PowerPoint slides, images, Web pages and even video clips with the basic podcast. We deliver you both an MP3 audio file and a video file that can be streamed over the Web or downloaded for offline viewing.

Our basic podcast production services include:

  • Set up a conference call for speakers
  • Record podcast
  • Mix and edit audio to your requirements
  • Insert audio ads and sponsorship messages
  • Add Podsafe music, at your option
  • Normalize audio levels
  • Convert to MP3 with all necessary tags
  • Upload podcast to server

A basic package is priced at $500 for a 20-minute podcast, with discounts available for multiple programs.

Our PodcastNOW!-Plus service provides a wide variety of enhanced advisory services to help you create the best podcast solution. We draw on years of experience in broadcast, webcast and podcast design to build the perfect show for your audience.

PodcastNOW!-Plus enhanced services include:

  • Topic selection
  • Audience definition
  • Program format and design
  • Speaker and guest coaching
  • Script design and development
  • On-air moderation
  • Contests and incentives
  • Audience interaction
  • Show notes
  • Submission to multiple podcast directories and search

PodcastNOW!-Plus packages are custom-quoted with prices starting at $750.


Slidecasts are audio podcasts with slide presentations built in. They’re packaged as movie files for viewing on a smartphone or desktop computer, where some 80% of all podcasts are listened to.

Slidecasts are a fast and cost-effective alternative to video. You don’t need any special equipment because you already have the slides prepared. We use high quality software to match the images to the audio, integrate transitions, add builds and even incorporate video clips. Then we deliver both an audio MP3 and a video file in the format you choose. We can even add this capability to podcasts you’ve already posted.

The slidecast option is priced at $250 for a 20-minute program. Please see the demo below.

Contact us for more information.