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SlideShare/Video: Search Essentials: What You MUST Know

Visibility in search engines is critical to nearly every business these days, but the basic mechanics of search are still in mystery to many people. Success begins with good keyword selection and continues with optimal page construction, good descriptions and continuous campaigns to generate inbound links. Providing high quality content is critical to search engine success, and recent revisions to Google’s search engine algorithm reinforces that point.

This presentation covers the basics of search engine optimization. Use it to familiarize yourself with the essentials of what you need to know. It covers:

  • Why search optimization matters;
  • The importance of quality content;
  • Recent revisions to Google’s algorithm their significance to website operators;
  • Tools and tactics for selecting optimal keywords;
  • What you can control in search;
  • How search engines view and index Web pages;
  • Analysis of one company that excels at search optimization;
  • Common SEO mistakes;
  • Tips for optimizing every item of Web content;
  • URL construction tactics;
  • The value of inbound links;
  • Anchor text and alt text;
  • Strategies for generating inbound links;
  • The future of search.

The downloaded slides include detailed speaker notes. There’s also a 52-minute video version of this presentation included at the very end. It can be found on YouTube.

Search Essentials – What You MUST Know from Paul Gillin

Webinar: Twitter for Business

Twitter is a revolutionary social medium that gets over 180 million UNIQUE visitors a month to their website, with new-user signups at a rate of 300,000 per day! And it’s created a new way for businesses to talk to customers, clients and prospects.

But for the newbie – using Twitter effectively as a business tool can be a real challenge. Why do some Twitter users have 10,000 followers after one year and others only 500?
It isn’t just the volume of tweets that make someone a Twitter superstar; it’s also content, focus and constructive participation in this vast and growing community. Once you understand how the Twitter community works, the service is amazingly powerful. Success on Twitter is a matter of delivering value, interacting constructively with a community and supporting other members. It’s also a matter of knowing what’s appropriate for a community that makes up its own rules.

This webinar tells you the secrets of growing a following and influence on Twitter. You’ll learn:

  • Do’s and don’ts for community engagement
  • How to get people to amplify your message
  • How to get the most out of your follower base
  • How to track & measure results
  • Results in 20 minutes a day
  • Useful third-party services that complement the Twitter experience

Twitter for Business from Paul Gillin on Vimeo.

B-to-B Social Media Marketing – Really!

Conventional wisdom says that social media isn’t appropriate for B-to-B marketing. Conventional wisdom is wrong. Across the corporate landscape, businesses ranging from banks to high-tech firms to plumbing supplies are successfully applying social media tools to connect with customers, channel partners, and suppliers. And as they grow more confident with the tools, they’re experimenting with sophisticated applications like social networks and customer co-creation. B-to-B social media marketing isn’t just about blogs any more. Learn what the innovators are doing.

Twitter for Business

This is a comprehensive guide to getting started with and building Twitter as a driver of business and conversation in a business environment. Topics include:

  • Creating a Twitter presence;
  • Building a follower base;
  • How to gain visibility;
  • Business uses of Twitter;
  • The future of Twitter in the enterprise.

This presentation features plenty of examples and best practices from successful businesses.

World Without Media – What Will Fill the Void?

A presentation to the Inbound Marketing Summit, Oct. 8, 2009.

Social Media Revolution: What Matters And Why

A presentation to the World Presidents’ Organization/New England Forty-Niners Chapter:

Social media is the next wave of internet based communication. Facebook has 250 million users and a market cap of $6.5 billion. Twitter has 23 million users, user growth of 1382% and 54% of Fortune 100 companies use it. LinkedIn is now used by many middle-upper level managers to stay connected professionally. Blog sites are replacing print news writer bylines.

These new tools are complimentary to email as a way of keeping up with sport stars, politicians, CEO’s, university and hospital presidents, authors, industry experts, special interests and NE49er’s. Information, opinion, reaction, and ease of access are all available with today’s tools on your computer or your smart phone.

Videos referenced in this presentation:
Dove Evolution
Slob Evolution
Canceling AOL
Eepybird Sticky Note Experiments

Marketing in a Bottom-Up World

The media world has been turned upside down. Small is now big. Less marketing is now more marketing. You gain control by giving it up. Believe it or not, there are actually some rules in this crazy environment. They start with acknowledging that influence is undergoing an inversion. Important information increasingly starts at the street level and spreads upward. A new breed of tech-savvy consumers and business professionals is accelerating this trend. Learn some skills to cope.

Getting Over Fear of Failure to Make Rapid Decisions

Conservative organizations often have big problems with accommodating failure, but innovative new Silicon Valley companies like Google are demonstrating that well-considered failure indicates a willingness to take risks and to think creatively. Why don’t more companies accept and even promote well-considered failures?

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