Strategic Counsel for Social Media Success

“His counsel and advice was proven to be correct and the clients derived excellent return on their work with Paul. He is a hands on consultant and I recommend him highly and without reservation.”

Peter Morrissey, CEO, Morrissey & Company

The emerging world of social media presents exciting new opportunities for businesses to communicate directly with key constituents in ways that were unimaginable just a few years ago. Intermediaries are no longer necessary. You can now take you message directly to your public with minimal cost and waste.

It’s an unprecedented opportunity, but also a complex new world, with standards, practices and pitfalls that are foreign to most marketers.

I help businesses understand social media and position themselves to take advantage of its power. I’m the author of the award-winning 2007 book The New Influencers: A Marketer’s Guide to the New Social Media, and the 2008 sequel, Secrets of Social Media Marketing. I specialize in the application of blogging, podcasting, online video and social network communities to marketing and customer relations.

My training and content consulting services are the product of more than 25 years of media experience, the last decade of which has been exclusively on-line.

Services address these six key business priorities:


  • Understanding social media’s growing importance in the changing media landscape;
  • Tools and tactics for tracking online conversations;
  • Turning online feedback into actionable information;
  • Overcoming internal obstacles to social media initiatives;
  • Selecting tools and metrics to match business objectives; and
  • Building and sustaining effective online communities.

I can shave months off your learning process and prepare you to enter the global online conversation with a strategy and voice that stands out from your competitors’.