Daily reading 01/20/2008

ScrabbleWars: P For Piracy, Or E For Extra Exposure? – Media Post, Jan. 18, 2008

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  • Here’s an example of a corporation fumbling a viral marketing opportunity. Instead of taking advantage of the positive publicity that a knockoff Scrabble app has generated on Facebook, the company is threatening to sue! What a perfect opportunity to tap into buzz created by somebody else! What a dumb move by Hasbo!

    Other interesting facts cited in the story:
    “As with music or video, free exposure can be invaluable in building
    fans. In 2006, shortly after CBS made clips of TV shows available on
    YouTube, the network said that ratings increased. “The Late
    Show with David Letterman” drew 200,000 new viewers, a 5% increase,
    after CBS placed clips of the show on YouTube, while “The Late Late
    Show with Craig Ferguson” increased its viewership by 100,000, or 7%.”

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