Daily reading 03/15/2008

Is MySpace Good for Society?

A New York Times columnist asks six thought leaders a simple question: “Has social networking technology made us better or worse off as a society?” Their consensus: both.

Comparing Six Ways to Identify Top Blogs in Any Niche
ReadWriteWeb has a useful review of free tools that help you search the blogosphere and assess the influence of the bloggers you find.

Elliot Spitzer’s call girl has a MySpace page

The Inconvenient Truth About Social Media Marketing
Aaron wall offers a succinct and persuasive argument against link-baiting. We need more of this rational thinking. Link-baiting is a waste of time.

Corporate Blogging – How the Pros Do It
Scott Monty provides thorough coverage of an SXSW panel on corporate blogging. Includes some nice nuggets, such as Dell’s customer relations philosophy: “they’ve empowered every employee to apologize.”

Jeff Jarvis tells why you should reach out to the customers who say they hate you

What happens when 207 people freeze simultaneously for five minutes in Grand Central Station? Watch this…

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