Where are Corporate Bloggers When We Need Them?

Web 2.0 makes it easy for corporate leaders to communicate directly to their constituents, right? So where the hell are they in our hour of need? I quickly checked a sampling of prominent corporate blogs. Chrysler, Marriott, McDonald’s, Whole Foods, Accenture, Boeing, Wal-Mart and Southwest Airlines have yet to say a word about the economic crisis. They’re all still focused on cheery good news. What are they thinking? Cheers to General Motors and PriceWaterhouseCoopers for at least attempting to lend some of their perspective to the conversation. Whether you agree with them or not, they’re talking.

Let’s hope the other guys are too busy listening at the moment to make time to state their own views. We certainly could use their perspective on how THEY plan to react to market turmoil. Why are their so strangely silent?

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  1. I have two theories:

    1 – They still have that corporate mentality that you should only talk about good things and not acknowledge bad things unless you are forced to.

    2 – Some are actually intending on addressing the issue, but there is such a strict, lengthy review process for any and all of their communications that it will be several days or weeks before the approved copy makes it to the screen.

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