Wanted: Book Reviews

Back in July, Quill Driver Books and I offered free galley copies of my new book, Secrets of Social Media Marketing, to the first 250 people who applied. We also made downloads of the entire book available in PDF format to anyone who wanted one.

We quickly “sold out” of the free galleys. What surprised us, though, was the download demand. There were more than 5,200 downloads of the PDF in less than two months, or about 2o copies for each person who registered.

We’re thrilled, and now we’re asking for your help. We need your reviews: good, bad and indifferent. If you’ve read enough of Secrets to comment, please contribute your thoughts to Amazon and/or to the reviews section of the book website. All website comments will be posted verbatim. The more feedback the better. ¬†We made the free galley offer because we believe that honest opinion is the most powerful form of advertising. We hope you can help validate our confidence.

If you missed the window for the free PDF, please e-mail me and I’ll send you one.

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