Great Free E-book on How to Get the Most From LinkedIn

I love LinkedIn. It may not be as fun as Facebook, but it has so much utility, particularly for B2B professionals. LinkedIn does a great job of maximizing the value of all the data it collects so that you can sift through the status updates, discussions and events and find ways to connect with the people you need to reach.

Alan Belniak of PTC has just posted a free e-book about how to get the most from LinkedIn. It covers everything from creating a profile to using advanced search to joining and contributing to the right groups. I picked up a bunch of tips from it, and I teach seminars on this topic!

Here’s an introduction on Alan’s blog. View the e-book as a SlideShare below or click through to download

2 thoughts on “Great Free E-book on How to Get the Most From LinkedIn

  1. Paul, thanks for the kind words and for helping share the ebook. I hope others find it useful, and use it to amp up their LinkedIn presence.

  2. Hi Paul, thanks for sharing the eBook. I started very active on Linkedin rather than Facebook. Yes, you are right, among all social networking sites, Linkedin gives me the most valuable relationship.

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