Coming back from paradise

I haven’t blogged for a week because I’ve been in Hawaii with my girlfriend and my son, celebrating his graduation from high school. This place certainly lives up to its reputation as the prettiest state. Maui is unreal. The highlight for me was the Hana Highway, a 60-mile stretch of heaven that winds down Maui’s eastern coast and yields some of the most incredible scenery I’ve ever seen.
It was like 150 Kodak Moments in one five-hour stretch.

If you ever go (and I sincerely hope you do), give yourself a treat and continue on the Hana Highway past the usual turn-back point in Hana. If you follow the highway to Kipahu’u, you’ll be rewarded with the best scenery of the drive, culminating in a spectacular 95-foot waterfall by the side of the road that literally took my breath away.

The highlight of the drive had to be swimming in a vernal pool at the base of a 40-foot waterfall. I have dreamed of doing that for many years and my dream was finally realized. It was simply an incredible experience.

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