Daily Reading 09/08/2008

  • More than half the people surveyed by Synovate said they don’t know what social networking is. Perhaps more interesting that a third said they’re getting tired of the networks they belong to.

    Synovate says it “spoke to” more than 13,000 people globally (we doubt that; this was probably an online survey). While the results aren’t statistically valid, there are some interesting international comparisons. The Dutch and Canadians are more active social network users, although the Canadians are losting interest faster. They prefer MySpace to Facebook. The Japanese are losing interest the fastest.

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  • Paul Greenberg believes that businesses have to develop the same kinds of relationships with customers that customers develop with their friends. This is difficult to do, but in the new customer-empowered world, it’s the only way to gain a sustainable edge. Do your customers trust you as much as they trust each other? Is there something you can do to earn that level of trust? Read this thought-provoking article for a very lucid perspective on the changes being brought about by social media.

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