Useful Guide to Social Media ROI

Here’s a clever and instructive slide presentation from Olivier Blanchard about how to calculate the ROI of social media efforts. It’s fairly simple but effective is getting beyond the popular but ultimately pointless process of tracking followers and friends. Olivier suggests a way to overlay that information on financial data to yield genuine insights.

4 thoughts on “Useful Guide to Social Media ROI

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  2. My company launched a social networking site for our software user group and we have opened it up to retail industry professionals at large. Thus far we have over 200 members which is great…but… we are tracking activity and see the average member reades 4.6 posts per day but they post almost no comments. We are posting tons of new content every day so it’s not like they don’t have the opportunity to sound off. What tips can you offer on getting members to participate?
    our community

  3. Are you asking them to comment? Don’t be hesitant to do that. Also, only about 1% of your visitors will actually say anything. That’s very consistent across online communities. Most people are lurkers. Ask them to contribute to a project or a decision. Offer a prize for the best story. Give them a list of tips and ask for their own.

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