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David Strom and I have been on a roll lately with guests on our MediaBlather podcast series. Two weeks ago we spent time with Forrester’s Josh Bernoff, who co-authored Groundswell, the best social media marketing book I read in 2008. Josh is all about humanizing interactions between customers and businesses these days, and he shared some great stories. I have a feeling there’s a book idea floating around there.

Check out the podcast with Josh Bernoff here.

We also just posted a 20-minute talk with Mike Moran, author of Search Engine Marketing, Inc. and a recent book whose title I love: Do It Wrong Quickly: How the Web Changes the Old Marketing Rules. I’m fascinated by search and Mike knows more about the topic than anybody I’ve ever met. This interview is packed with useful advice. Bottom line: you can’t game the system. Good content always wins.

Check out the podcast with Mike Moran here.

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