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ims-badge_speakerSearch engine optimization firm Hubspot came up with the best term I’ve heard for the new style of marketing that emphasizes conversation, linking and social media awareness: “inbound marketing.”

The concept is to break from the old style of interruption marketing that is so inefficient that companies consider a 3% response rate to be a triumph.  Inbound marketing is about enticing customers to come to you by offering them something of value. We’re talking 100% response rates.

Hubspot staged a successful conference last fall just a few weeks before our own successful New Marketing Summit (NMS) in the Boston area

Several of my NMS colleagues and I have close relationships with the people at Hubspot, so over the last few months we got together and decided to merge our two conferences into one. And we adopted the great term they created.

SF in the Spring

David Meerman Scott

So on April 28, the new, improved Inbound Marketing Summit (IMS) will debut in San Francisco, the first of three conferences this year (Dallas is in May and Boston in September).  This event isn’t for marketers who are figuring out how to tiptoe into conversation marketing.  It’s for people who are convinced that the world of marketing is changing forever and who want to get out in front of that wave, drive a new form of high-quality engagement and turbo-charge their careers..

IMS will have web 2.0 visionaries like Tim O’Reilly, Chris Brogan, David Meerman Scott (left), Jason Falls and Brian Solis on the program. More importantly, we’ll have practitioners from companies like Cirque du Soleil, Harley Davidson, French Maid TV and Microsoft talking about how they’re putting new media to work right now, achieving results and measuring those results.

Immersion Therapy


You can drown in social media marketing in San Francisco that last week in April.  We’ve collocated the conference with the New Communications Forum, now in its fifth year, presented by the Society for New Communications Research.  That event also has a great lineup of speakers, some of whom will be presenting at both conferences.

I’ve got a few discount codes available to people who are really serious about attending, so if you want to meet me in San Francisco, connect with a bunch of thought leaders in this area and trade business cards with successful practitioners, drop me a line and I’ll arrange to shave a couple of hundred dollars off the fee.

I hope to see you there!

4 thoughts on “Come Immerse Yourself in the New Marketing

  1. Paul, the ideas the we will share at these events are liberating! What gets me so jazzed is that we are no longer required to live with the tyranny of paying huge money for ads. We can publish interesting information that drives people to our virtual doorstep,


  2. Paul, I’m really psyched for our Inbound Marketing Summits to start! We have such a great lineup of speakers in each city that I’m just happen that I’ll be in attendance. There is going to be something for everyone in each city with the overall theme being “Strategy into Action”.

  3. Paul, I am very excited about attending the Boston event in September. There is a main stream Healthcare Company actively engaged in Social Media or Inbound Marketing – Humana. I’ll send you some details on their program, but if you and your team could get them to this in Boston (selfish of me), I think it would be a huge win in our Market place. They’ve made some serious investments in Interactive Media, established an Innovations Team and made some headway on line. I’d like to hear more about their successes and failures, their accomplishments to date and the direction they are heading too. Also, send me the coupon codes because my company won’t pay the freight to go to conferences like these.

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