Help Wanted: Insight for BtoB Mag Articles

I’m writing the social media section of BtoB magazine’s annual Interactive Marketing Guide. I’m looking for business-to-business marketers who can talk about the successes they’ve had in the past year and the challenges that they face going forward. I’m particularly interested in how marketers are wrestling with the issues of coordinating multiple platforms and setting policies that cover all the employees who may be using these platforms, whether on the company’s behalf or their own.

I’m also looking for questions you would like to ask an expert in the area of b-to-b social marketing. What problems are you trying to solve? Where do you most need guidance? I’m even taking applications to be the expert!

The copy deadline is very tight: March 19. Please contact me ASAP if you can contribute in exchange for exposure in the leading b-to-b marketing publication! Tweets also welcome.

3 thoughts on “Help Wanted: Insight for BtoB Mag Articles

  1. MoreVisibility – IEE Case Study


    IEEE is the leading professional association for the advancement of technology. Through their marketing efforts with MoreVisibility, they wanted to increase the number of quality leads coming through their paid search campaigns. MoreVisibility’s objectives were to:

    * Research new channels of CPC traffic
    * Set up campaigns in these new channels to get in front of their target audience


    * MoreVisibility’s Google Certified Strategy Team worked with IEEE to evaluate past leads to gain a deeper understanding of how to bring in more qualified leads for the company.
    * The MoreVisibility team identified LinkedIn as a possible channel in which to target individuals based on Industry, Company Size, Employee Position, etc.
    * The team built and launched ads to be displayed to a targeted LinkedIn user while they were on the site.


    According to Google Analytics, after two months of running CPC traffic on LinkedIn, IEEE’s goal conversion rate for this channel was almost three times that of the overall site average. In addition, the bounce rate for all traffic coming from LinkedIn was 10% lower than that of the average for all traffic sources to the site. By getting in front of a targeted audience, IEEE and MoreVisibility were able to produce a highly converting campaign from a brand new source of traffic.

    “I have a great relationship with my MoreVisibility team. Our calls are productive and the frequent communication helps us to work together to come up with new ideas, like this new source of traffic from LinkedIn.”

    Angela Trilli
    Direct Marketing Manager, IEEE

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  3. I’m the EIC of and search and social media strategy lead for IBM Digital Marketing. We’ve learned a lot in the last year. Feel free to connect with me via e-mail if you need help.

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