One Measure of Success

Guy Kawasaki writes “I was in a Barnes and Noble tonight and saw a shelf labeled “Success Library.” Look at the books on it: they’re all about social media, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Two years ago, this shelf would be filled with Good to Great, The Tipping Point, and the like. The world has sure changed.

See second shelf middle, right next to Twitterville and below Trust Agents. Good company!

2 thoughts on “One Measure of Success

  1. Paul, what an apt observation from you and Guy. You’re right – the books a few years ago were ones like “Crossing the Chasm,” “Good to Great,” etc. Now I have a whole shelf at home of social media books as part of my “success library.”

  2. Yes, it is changing and a good thing too imho.

    Congratulations on your book Paul – so who will be the first social media marketer to command bigger speaking fees than Jim Collins?
    Now there’s a goal 😉

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