Who Should I Interview at White House Correspondents’ Events?

By sheer dumb luck (and knowing the right people) I’ve scored invitations to several activities around the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in Washington the weekend of April 27. I’m not invited to the dinner itself (I’m not that well connected!), but I will be at the pre- and post-parties, as well as at the Sunday brunch.

Thomson Reuters, which is my host, is offering to try to set up interviews with its other guests, who are listed here. I’ll have my video camera ready. Question for you: Who should I ask to meet? Give me some suggestions in the comments area below, and if you’d care to suggest questions, that would be even better.

Dan Stevens

Dan Stevens (left) – English Actor best known as “Cousin Matthew” in Downton Abbey
Fred Armisen – Actor/comedian best known for Saturday Night Live & Portlandia
Jamie Wyeth – Artist
Jeremy Renner – Actor best known for The Hurt Locker, Bourne Identity, the Avengers
John Baird – Canadian Foreign Minister

Kathleen Turner

Kathleen Turner

Kathleen Turner (left)– Actress/Activist, best known for Body Heat, Romancing the Stone
Madeline Stowe – Actress/Activist, best known for Revenge, Last of the Mohicans
Mariane Pearl – Freelance Journalist, widow of Daniel Pearl, Writer at Glamour magazine
Mark Carney – Governor, Central Bank of Canada
Mary Jo White – Chairman, Securities & Exchange Commission

Victor Cruz | New York Giants

Victor Cruz

Michael Corbat – CEO, Citigroup
Pat Llodra – Selectman, Newtown, CT
Ruth Porat – CFO, Morgan Stanley
Steve Zahn – Actor best known for Treme
Victor Cruz – Wide receiver, New York Giants
Several Top Chefs from Bravo TV Show ‘Top Chef

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15 thoughts on “Who Should I Interview at White House Correspondents’ Events?

  1. Dan Stevens – life after being thrust into the spotlight after the success of Downton Abbey, other acting plans, is Maggie Smith as wonderful in real life as her character

    Kathleen Turner – what made her decide to be involved so many causes? Why is she involved in the causes she chose – Planned Parenthood, People for the American Way.

    Pat Llodra – life after the shootings, thoughts about gun control legislation

  2. Hi Paul! Wow! That’s cool. I would ask Michael Corbat: what is your social strategy and how do you see your business changing to accommodate Generation Y?

  3. I would interview Jeremy Renner, in a heartbeat, because he is fearless, he speaks his mind, he has retained his humility and sense of humour through all the Hollywood Hype, he typifies the persona we should all aspire to – work hard, reap rewards, be kind to all your fellow men regardless of their station.

  4. Jeremy Renner was filming right outside Boston at the time of the marathon explosions. He had been in the city off and on for weeks prior. Filming is currently on hiatus for David O. Russell’s American Hustle. He also previously filmed in Boston for The Town. Please ask him about his experiences, past and present, in Boston.

  5. Ask Jeremy Renner about gun control. He says he is a keen gun owner and obviously uses them a lot for work, but he seems to be pro gun control. I also think he was in Boston last week, which might have given him a new perspective.

  6. It is my understanding that Dan Stevens is making a big push for an acting career in the US. Please ask him if he has felt any pressure to alter his appearance. Obviously he is well established in the UK, is it different over there? The reason I ask is that Kate Beckinsale had a similar path and when she arrived in the US her appearance changed almost out of recognition, her looks became far more generic.

  7. Dan Stevens – how does he feel about American politics in general being a foreigner, and why he thinks American politics facinates and engages people outside of America

    Which causes are closest to his heart?

    Which political figure will he most like to meet and why?

  8. Dan Stevens–What actors or directors do you want to work with in the future? How has your film-acting experience in the US been so far?

  9. Dan Stevens!!

    He’s currently filming a movie with Liam Neeson where he plays a drug trafficker. His next role is in Swallows and Amazons, a adaptation of a childrens’ novel. Did he read the book as a child? Does he choose this role with a bit of sentimental value since it’s such a departure from his current movie and Downton Abbey?

    Also, what have been some of his favorite things about living in the US? Has he learned anything surprising or unexpected about Americans?

  10. Hi Paul, this is a question for Dan Stevens:

    I am curious to know, if you had not chosen acting as your career, would you have combined your interest in politics with writing and be a political journalist?

  11. Hello. Great idea. Question(s) for Dan Stevens: I would like to know more about his stint as editor at large of the “The Junket” such as how he chooses the subject matter of his essays/opinion pieces as they seem very personal and covers a variety of topics from short stories, to safaris in Africa and blogging on the internet.

    And/Or: Does he feel he has to be careful when writing on American politics for the Daily Telegraph columns as he might get flak for being a ‘foreigner’ with opinions in the States?

  12. Paul, thank you so much for making this offer. Please interview Dan Stevens. Are you planning on returning to the U.S. after spending the summer making a movie in the UK?

    Is your movie Summer in February going to be released in the U. S.?

    What have you done to lose the weight and how much have you lost in total? Is this a routine you plan to continue after the Walk Among Tombstones role is over?

    Has the uproar over Matthew’s death died down or are people still giving you a hard time?

    You’ve been rumored to be considered for the role of Mr. Darcy in Death Comes To Pemberley — so what’s the deal with that? Colin Firth’s Darcy is the gold standard by which all others seem to be measured, is that an intimidating comparison? What would you bring to the character that would make it your own?

    Do you keep in touch with any of your Downton costars?

    After all the negative press after leaving Downton Abbey, are you aware that you have many loyal fans in the U.S. that love your work and hope to see you in other movies, tv and on Broadway again soon.

  13. Thank you for all your great suggestions. As it turned out, my promise of interview time was never practical. The reception was a mob scene and I was able to get all of about 20 seconds with Dan Stevens before he was whisked away to something else. Jeremy Renner didn’t show.

    You are all very generous in providing suggestions. I wish I was in a position to deliver the goods. And I REALLY wanted to meet Jeremy Renner!

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