Blogging Essentials: the Slides

Here’s a substantially updated version of a presentation on blogging essentials I’ve been delivering to business clients over the last couple of years. The full presentation runs about three hours live or via webcast and focuses  on helping bloggers deal with some of the more common problems of publishing, including generating ideas and  unique angles.

Update: Alan Belniak from PTC has a nice series of blogging guidelines on his Subjectively Speaking blog.

Full description:

This is a crash course intended to quickly bring bloggers up to speed on today’s best practices for achieving the greatest mileage from your blog posts. Topics include:
  • How influence works in the blogosphere
  • Major applications of corporate blogs
  • Developing a content model
  • Generating ideas and unique angles
  • Writing compelling headlines and entries
  • Positioning and voice
  • Why top business blogs are successful
  • Unique characteristics of b-to-b markets
  • Tricks for generating buzz and recognition
  • Working with multiple media

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