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Eloqua's Blog TreeBig graphics are a recent trend and a great way to attract attention. People love to share images that creatively display information in formats that make data easier to visualize. Wikibon.org did this to great effect this summer, presenting data storage growth in terms of iPads stacked on the playing field at Wembley Stadium. According to founder Dave Vellante, the graphic hit Digg.com and traffic exploded. For not a lot of money (you can outsource the design overseas), the community got attention it couldn’t buy with thousands of dollars worth of list rentals.

Eloqua has just released an infographic depicting the social media landscape as a tree with expertise clustered on topical branches. This one has a twist. According to Eloqua content director Joe Chernov:

Our vision is to make this graphic as interactive as possible.  To that end, if you don’t agree with the placement of your “leaf” on the tree, just “Like” Eloqua on Facebook and tag yourself on the limb upon which you feel you belong.  (We are also urging bloggers who are not present on the “tree” to tag themselves as well.) We’ll revisit the image and make appropriate changes.

I’m flattered to be included on one of the branches, but there’s no reason you can’t add yourself. Just follow Joe’s directions and join the foliage!

1 thought on “Eloqua’s Innovative Blog Tree

  1. Hi Paul,

    Speaking of flattered …

    Love the post, and love the comparison (Wikibon.org, nice!). Truly, you are one of the brightest minds in new-era marketing, and I’ve long held you up as the poster child for personal branding, so this post is uniquely satisfying to me personally. (Even though I still don’t get that geocaching stuff! 😉 We are working hard to produce content that people find entertaining and informative. And we are trying to find new ways to inspire sharing. Thanks for noticing.

    Joe Chernov / @jchernov / Eloqua

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