Integrating Social Media Platforms? Let’s Talk

Photo by Adam_T4. Click for profile.

Photo by Adam_T4. Click for profile.

I’m undertaking a research project to assess the value of integrated social media marketing programs to a company’s overall strategy. I have a sponsor for it (who has to remain anonymous for the moment because of an upcoming product announcement) and am seeking others.

Here’s the premise: One of the big changes we’ve seen in the social media marketing landscape over the past year is that companies are beginning to expand beyond using point social tools such as blogs and Facebook fan pages and building multiplatform programs that incorporate elements like video, podcasts, social networks, Twitter and branded customer communities. Early feedback indicates that there may be a multiplier effect that comes from integrating these programs. In other words, when you tweet your blog entries, you get better results than if you had used each platform independently of the other.

This research attempts to assess what best practices are emerging at these early stages. In my dreams, it’ll also yield some kind of formula for calculating this multiplier. There are two parts to the research:

  • A survey; and
  • One-on-one interviews.

I invite everyone who coordinates social media efforts for a business with multiple employees to take the survey by filling out the form below. It probably takes about 20 minutes to complete if you respond to the optional verbatim questions and less than 10 minutes if you don’t.

I’m also seeking marketers at medium to large companies to consent to an in-depth telephone interview of approximately 30-45 minutes’ duration. I’ll ask you to will expand upon some of the information you provide on the survey.

I’m hoping you’ll agree to go on the record for the phone interview, but I’m flexible if that’s a problem.

Please contact me by any of the means listed below if you’re interested in helping with my research, or just add a comment at the end of this post. Thank you!


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Paul Gillin


Paul Gillin

6 thoughts on “Integrating Social Media Platforms? Let’s Talk

  1. Paul: This sounds like a really interesting project and I hope you get enough participants in your survey because the information for which you are looking could be really beneficial to the whole communiction area. By any chance are you going to be on the Social Media agenda with the Ragan Communication’Coca Cola Social Media workshop in Februaryd?

  2. We’ve engaged in social media for ourselves and clients and I do question its worth. I see a strong time commitment just to monitor the various sites. How does one do their jobs successfully when spending so much time on Twitter and Facebook.

  3. Social media engagement is extremely important in search engine optimization, media relations, message and reputation management, marketing, public relations, client relations, and so much more. Understanding that each platform needs to be integrated with the other is critical.

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  5. We would willing to participate, we are about to launch a cross platform social media campaign this week with a major company. We will be able to talk about it by the end of the week. If you would like to talk me about I am sure we can make time.

  6. Great survey, Paul! I look forward to seeing your results at future MTLC or CIMS presentations, as we’re constantly trying (with more success in some places than others) to measure outcomes and correct course for our own initiatives, and your “macro” view will be a useful input.

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